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Natural Treatments for Cherry Angioma

Indrajeet Yadav
Cherry angioma is a condition characterized by the formation of cherry red-colored papules over the body. Its cause is unknown and may be related to exposure to some chemicals. Surgery is an option, but natural treatments are believed to be better as their effects last longer, and also due to the fact that they do not produce any side effects.
Angioma is a skin disorder resulting in the formation of tumors on the skin. These tumors are composed of blood vessels. The tumors of angioma should not be confused with cancer tumors. Cancer tumors grow aggressively, affect the surrounding body cells, and spread to the other parts of the body through blood and lymph.
All these three characteristics are absent in angioma tumors. Therefore, these tumors are known as benign tumors. An angioma can be a cherry angioma or a spider angioma. By themselves, angioma is not considered to be harmful.
However, they can be the symptoms of some other diseases like liver disorder or cirrhosis, which is why they should not be ignored and their treatment should be taken seriously.

Cherry Angioma

This medical condition causes the formation of tumors, which are cherry red to purple in color, on the skin. To start with, these tumors appear as small, red spots on the skin with a size less than one-tenth of a millimeter.
Later, they increase in size and can grow beyond a couple of millimeters and sometimes, to more than a centimeter. This is when they look like small and round domes. These tumors can form in groups or in isolation.
When they develop in groups or clusters they form a 'polypoid angioma'. The most likely location for their formation is the torso. They can also occur on the face, arms, legs, neck, etc. Although this variety of angioma can affect young people, it usually appears in the people above 40 years of age and the density of the spots increases as one gets older.
These papules contain blood and can bleed, if they open due to scratching or when accidentally injured. Possible bleeding and bad appearance are the problems created by this disorder, which is otherwise painless and harmless.
The disorder is also known as 'de Morgan's Spots' (named after the British scientist Campbell de Morgan who was the first to describe them) and 'senile angiomas'. The reason for the formation of these tumors is the abnormal proliferation of blood vessels over the skin surface.
It is believed that when oil produced by the sebaceous gland of the skin is clogged, such papules are formed. The exact mechanism and reason for such clogging is unknown. There are suggestions that exposure to chemicals like cyclosporine, mustard gas, some kinds of bromides, and 2-butoxyethanol causes this disorder.
The causes for this variety of angioma are unknown, because researchers lack interest in this particular disorder. However, they tend to be hereditary.

Natural Home Treatments

These remedies are slow in showing effect, but are believed to provide long-term benefits. As cherry angioma is a disorder of the skin, dehydrated skin is a major cause for it. Maintaining healthy skin can prevent the occurrence of this disorder. This involves cleaning the skin without the use of chemicals.
Drinking enough water will also keep the skin free from such diseases. A mixture of sandalwood and fresh basil leaves clears the clogging of the skin oil produced by the sebaceous glands, eliminating the condition believed to cause the problem.
The skin requires pantothenic acid, Vitamins A, and Vitamin E, to stay healthy. Including these in the diet and adding vitamin supplements is a very effective natural treatment. One should limit the intake of bromine in their diet and add on or supplement with iodine.
This is because it is believed that bromine toxicity and iodine deficiency may be potential causes for this skin condition. A diet involving liberal quantities of fruits and vegetables can provide the required ingredients to heal as well as prevent this abnormality.
Junk food is high in calories and low in nutrients, and is the cause of a paradoxical kind of malnutrition, wherein the person looks healthy, in fact extra healthy, but is not adequately nourished. Naturally, the consumption of such food would lead to less intake of nutritious food. This can include shortage of vitamins leading to this skin-related disorder.

Other Treatments Methods

The cherry red papules are harmless but give a bad appearance and can bleed, if injured or scratched. This is the main reason why people desire to eliminate them. Surgically, the papules can be removed by laser vaporization, electrosurgery, or cryotherapy.
Laser vaporization removes the tumors by using a powerful beam of light or a laser, and causes least damage to the adjacent skin. Cryotherapy involves freezing the tumor area, while an electric needle removes the papules in electrosurgery.
Artificial treatments for most disorders produce side effects. Following the aforementioned natural remedies might prove beneficial. Natural remedies take their time to show effect and treatment for cherry angioma are no exception to this fact.
Disclaimer: This Story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.