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Chamomile Tea Benefits

Abhijit Naik
A cure for common cold, an effective ulcer fighter, an antioxidant; the benefits of chamomile tea exist in plenty. No wonder, it is fast becoming a sought-after beverage in various parts of the world.
Chamomile tea is not just one of the many tasty beverages in the world. It is, in fact, the most beneficial and safest beverage in the world. Chamomile has various health benefits, and the easiest way to derive these benefits is to relish on the herbal tea made from this plant.
Chamomile tea is a popular warm drink that many prefer to have just before going to bed, to soothe nerves. It helps a person to settle down. Make this anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic drink by infusing these flowers in hot water.

Chamomile Plant

Chamomile (or camomile), is a daisy-like plant, native to Egypt, with apple-scented foliage and white-rayed flowers. With many health benefits to its credit, it is one of the most beneficial herbs in the world.
Its health benefits range from wound healing to treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders. The plant was named by a botanist in the 19th century, when he came across this herb growing in the Roman Coliseum. Ancient Egyptians were aware of the numerous benefits of chamomile and hence, it formed an important part of their civilization.

Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

If you believe in the age-old adage 'health is wealth', then chamomile tea is for you. The beverage has many health benefits which can help you live a prolonged life, free of ailments.

► A study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) stated that drinking chamomile tea is beneficial for people with intestinal discomfort.
► Yet another study revealed that drinking this tea triggers anti-bacterial activity within the body, which boosts the immune system and helps us to fight various diseases.

► The beverage is also rich in amino acids which help in tackling muscle spasms and hence, is considered to be beneficial for people suffering from muscle spasms or menstrual cramps.
► Add a hint of lemongrass to it, and the soothing beverage helps relax the nerves. This makes it an ideal drink to relieve oneself from stress.

► The herbal drink is also beneficial for children, as it helps in easing intestinal pain. It can also help in comforting a teething baby.
► The steam of chamomile tea can be used to treat various respiratory ailments, including asthma and sinus infections.

► With a hint of peppermint, chamomile tea turns out to be a great digestive drink, which can help soothe various digestion problems.
► Chamomile tea, in its unsweetened form, can be used to soothe skin irritations and bee stings. It can also be applied on the skin to treat acne.

► Drinking a cup of this herbal tea daily can help in relieving various intestinal problems, including irritable bowel syndrome.
► Applying it on the skin also helps in lightening the skin tone, thus making you appear fair.

► Used chamomile tea bags should be allowed to cool at room temperature and used as compressors on the eyes at night. This helps in relieving eye fatigue and treating dark circles.
► Drinking chamomile infusion is one of the easiest ways to tackle migraine. It should be consumed as soon as you notice the symptoms of migraine in order to avoid severe headache.

► It is analgesic that helps in relieving pain by reducing nerve excitability.
With so many health benefits to its credit, there is no reason to exclude chamomile tea from your daily diet. In fact, a cup of chamomile tea every day is what prominent dietitians recommend for good health.

Some Unusual Benefits

The benefits of this useful drink are not just restricted to health. Given here are some benefits which are not related to health, but are still quite useful.

► Chamomile tea helps in curbing the growth of fungus. If you are interested in gardening, you can spray it on the plants to prevent fungal growth on them.
► Studies reveal that adding this tea to composts can help in increasing the level of calcium in the soil, thus making it more fertile.

This proves that chamomile tea doesn't just take care of your health, but is equally helpful for plants as it helps prolong their life.
There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that chamomile tea is one of the most popular and tasty herbal teas in the world. The benefits enlisted before are enough to make people try it at least once. Rest assured, once people taste it, they will never say 'no' to it.