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Chamomile Oil

Gaurav Shimpi
Don't associate the uses of chamomile oil with aromatherapy alone, because this oil is extremely beneficial for hair and skin too. Read on to understand its benefits in detail.
There are two types of chamomile oil: German and Roman. The German version is obtained from Matricaria recutita, which is also known as blue chamomile. Roman version, also known as garden chamomile or sweet chamomile (due to its sweet smell), is obtained from Anthemis nobilis.
These plants are found in the temperate regions of Asia.
They are also found in Europe, Australia, Egypt, Italy, and North America. They are beautiful flowering plants found near the roadside, and in the open fields. The name of this herb was derived from the Greek word chamaimelon.
In Greek, chamai means on the ground, and melon means apple, which is because it has an apple-like smell. The oil has been used by Egyptians for its medicinal properties, from days of yore. Its rich aroma and healing power was such that it was used by them as an offering to the Sun God. Have a look at the various aspects, wherein this oil comes in handy.

For Health

Chamomile oil has sedating properties. Its sweet aroma makes you peaceful, calm, and rejuvenated. It can treat stress and nervousness. It acts as a painkiller, and is hence, used to cure headache and toothache.
Ancient Egyptians especially used this oil to treat fever and common cold. Chamomile is effective for stomach problems like diarrhea, gastrointestinal troubles, gallstones, and constipation. The benefit includes digestion, providing relief from gas in the alimentary tract. 
This oil is also used as an antiseptic, as it restricts the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. It can be used as a mouth wash to cure throat infections and dental problems. It is used extensively in massage therapies due to its ability to reduce muscle contractions.

For Hair

Chamomile is one of the most important ingredients in shampoos and conditioners. It helps protect hair from the harsh, external environment. It cures oily scalp, in turn, preventing dandruff.
Although it takes time to bring about the desired effect, this oil is better than the chemical bleach used for lightening hair. It revitalizes the hair, strengthens the roots, and can help those affected by insomnia, sleep peacefully. Replacing toxic, chemical products with this oil can be beneficial in the longer run.

For Skin

Soaps made from harmful chemicals damage our skin. Chamomile is a natural skin enhancer. Its oil is widely used in sunscreen lotions and makeup removers. By balancing the oil production of the skin, it helps reduce acne. It removes wrinkles, treats skin diseases, and provides a natural glow to the skin.
The use of this oil helps cell regeneration, which combats skin redness and allergies. It acts as a cooling agent on burns, boils, rashes, wounds, and ulcers. It tightens the skin by repairing and strengthening the skin tissues.

For Aromatherapy

Through aromatherapy, this oil aids emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Its sweet, fruity smell rejuvenates, freshens, and relaxes the mind. It is helpful for people with arthritis, as it cures joint pains.
Chamomile is one of the few oils that can cure you externally as well as internally. Mixing the oil in water while bathing will help relieve muscle pain. It also has the ability to cure bowel disorders, migraines, and depression.

For Babies

A few drops of chamomile oil can be added to the water, along with rose or jasmine oil, while bathing babies. It moisturizes their sensitive skin, helps calm their senses, and helps them sleep well. The oil prevents allergies and bacterial growth in babies.
Regular massage on the scalp, with this oil, reduces impatience and hyper-anxiety in babies. It is effective against skin infections and rashes caused due to diapers. It also helps relieve teething problems. Moreover babies love its sweet, fruity smell.


It is advisable to avoid the use of this oil during pregnancy, as it stimulates contraction of the uterus. Avoid using it if you are allergic to plants like ragweed and daisies. People on medicines that prevent blood clotting should consult a doctor before using chamomile.
In this era of chemicals and toxins, it is surprising to see what wonders natural chamomile oil can do to your health. Alter your lifestyle and go natural; fill your senses with its charismatic aroma. It will give you the much-needed moments of serenity and peace in your fast-paced and stressful life.