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Chakra Meditation for Beginners

Mukta Gaikwad
Chakra meditation is a very old form of meditation. The world has been learning its ways for sometime now, and realizing its several advantages. Chakra meditation is a way to connect with your spiritual self and reclaim your life.
Often we read about how to be physically fit and healthy. It is only rarely that we worry about our mental well-being. Just as we need to exercise our bodies, exercising our mind is equally important. 
Meditation is a way of exercising your mind, or rather cleansing it.
Chakra meditation is a type of meditation which focues on revitalizing the energy focal points in our body, known as Chakras.

The Seven Chakras

▶  Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra
▶  Ajna Chakra or the Brow Chakra
▶  Vishuddha Chakra or the Throat Chakra
▶  Anahata Chakra or the Heart Chakra
▶  Manipura Chakra or the Navel Chakra
▶  Svadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra
▶  Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra

Representation of Seven Chakras:

▶ Crown Chakra (color violet) - top of the head.
▶ Brow Chakra (color indigo blue) - the forehead.
▶ Throat Chakra (color blue) - the throat.
▶ Heart Chakra (color green ) - the center of the chest.
▶ Navel Chakra (color yellow) - above the navel.
▶ Sacral Chakra (color orange) - the sacral bone.
▶ Root Chakra (color red) - base of the spine.
Chakra meditation can be done with crystals or with the respective stones for the Chakras.
Step 1
Breathing plays an important role in any form of meditation. To begin with, analyze the problem in your body, or emotional issue or just about anything that is bothering you.

Step 2
Once you have nailed the problem, locate the Chakra that is related to the problem.
Step 3
Every Chakra has a designated stone or a crystal. To be precise, Sahasrara Chakra has the amethyst, diamond or quartz crystal; Ajna Chakra has lapis lazuli or sapphire; Vishuddha Chakra has turquoise, or blue topaz; Anahata Chakra has emerald, malachite; Manipura Chakra has amber or coral.
Svadhisthana Chakra has amber or gold and Muladhara Chakra has ruby or garnet. These stones or crystals are known to restore the energy at these focal points and heal them too.
Step 4
Lie down and wear loose clothes while performing the Chakra meditation. Now place the stone on the Chakra where you need the healing. Concentrate with your every breath at the focal point where you have placed the Chakra. For best results, let the stone or the crystal touch your bare skin.
Step 5
If you are performing the Chakra meditation for the entire body and for all the Chakras, then it is always advisable that you work from top to bottom. Take one Chakra at a time and complete your meditation there.
Feel the positive energy coming in as you inhale and the negative energy going out as you exhale. Feel relaxed. Just surrender to the moment of purity and you will find yourself at peace. Visualize your Chakra opening as you begin to concentrate and then closing as you end your meditation.
For example, in the Heart Chakra, see an emerald light going in and enlightening your heart with strength, love, and compassion.
Step 6
Once you are done with Chakra meditation for the whole body, rub your face with your palms and slowly open your eyes. Performing the meditation for all the energy focal points in the body will be Chakra balancing meditation. Drink a glass of water and see the difference in your mind for yourself!
This Chakra meditation for beginners will allow you to develop your spiritual side. Chakra meditation is, in a way, closing your eyes to see yourself through the inner eye. It is meant to help you reconnect yourself with your soul and the very essence of your existence. Performing the Chakra meditation is your chance to complete the circle of life!