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Calendula Oil

Chandramita Bora
Calendula flowers are steeped in oil to extract a golden orange-colored oil, which is called calendula oil. It can be termed as an invaluable oil, when it comes to skin care.
This oil can help regenerate new skin cells, besides making the skin soft, supple, and radiant.
Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a genus that includes around 12 to 20 species of annual or perennial plants. Pot marigold is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the plant family Asteraceae.
Its flowers are bright yellow to orange in color, and their petals are used to extract oil with the help of steam distillation.
Calendula oil is basically classified as an infused oil, as the flower petals are infused or steeped in oil, preferably in virgin olive oil. The oil extracted in this way is usually golden orange in color. This oil is known for its amazing healing and soothing properties. Even the ancient Egyptians were aware of its benefits for the skin, and so, used this infused oil for curing a number of skin conditions.

✽ Calendula Oil Uses

✿ Calendula oil is cherished for its mildness. Apart from being a mild and soothing oil, it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, which makes it an ideal oil to treat a number of skin disorders and infections. More commonly, it is used for treating dry and chapped skin, skin rash, wounds, burns, inflammation, skin irritation, and several other skin disorders.
✿ Commercially, calendula oil is used as a base for salves, lotions, creams, herbal ointments, and many other natural cosmetics. It is a commonly used base oil in aromatherapy.

✽ Health Benefits of Calendula Oil

Calendula oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. At the same time, this oil is so mild that people having sensitive skin can also use it. The following are some of the most important benefits of this oil:
✿ Calendula oil can soothe and moisturize dry and chapped skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can be used for treating skin sores and inflammation. It can relieve the swelling and inflammation caused by bruises or muscle sprains as well.
✿ Calendula oil is gentle enough to be used on babies or infants. It can be used for treating diaper rash in babies.
✿ Calendula oil is extracted from the calendula blossoms, and it can also be used for accelerating the healing of minor cuts or wounds, acne, burns, insect bites, bed sores, and sore feet.
✿ Calendula oil is a traditional remedy for some common digestive problems, like stomach cramps, flatulence, constipation, and colic.
✿ People suffering from dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema can also benefit from the topical application of calendula extract and oil. This oil can reduce the skin inflammation associated with these conditions.
✿ Calendula oil is renowned for its antifungal properties, and it can help treat ringworm, jock itch, and athlete's foot.
✿ Calendula oil can also be beneficial in conditions, like varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers, and chilblains. Chilblains is the condition characterized by the inflammation of the hands and feet due to an exposure to extreme cold or moisture.
✿ You can use calendula infused oil for scars, or for reducing the formation of scar tissues. This oil can increase the production of collagen, and this is the reason why it can prevent the formation of scar tissues while facilitating the healing of wounds.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice.