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Home Remedies for Bursitis

An inflamed bursa can cause a great deal of discomfort. Here are some ways to cure your inflamed bursa with the help of a few home remedies.
Suvamita Ghosh
Bursa is a small sac filled with fluids, present between movable parts of the body, mostly at joints. The swelling and inflammation of the bursa can cause bursitis. It is common in the shoulders, knees, elbows, and hips.
This condition may be caused due to excessive strain, trauma, or injury. Improper diet can also be a contributing factor to this condition. Stiffness and immense pain in the joints may be indicative of an inflamed bursa.
The common treatment for this disease is surgery, cortisone injections, and painkillers. Physiotherapy is also effective for treating this condition.

Natural Remedies

Though, the aforementioned treatment options have proved to be effective, natural cures and home remedies are a safer option.
Applying ice cubes 3 to 4 times in a day can reduce the swelling. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth and apply it over the swelling for 20 minutes.
Turmeric contains an anti-inflammatory agent called circumin, which gives it the yellow color. A paste of turmeric powder and warm water can be applied over the affected area. This aids in relieving the pain faster and promotes healing of the infection. A pinch of turmeric powder in warm milk can be consumed every night after meals.
Once your initial swelling has come down, you can apply heat from a heating pad, which will increase the blood circulation in that area and help to get rid of the excess fluid accumulation.
One of the most effective natural treatment options, is drinking orange juice, as it is loaded with vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help to heal the injuries at a faster rate. Lack of vitamin C in the body impedes proper formation of bursa. Incorporate 3 to 4 cups of orange juice in your diet. Pineapple also helps in reducing inflammation of the bursa because, it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
Cayenne pepper also helps to improve blood circulation. Applying cayenne lotion on the affected areas may also provide relief. Being a source of antioxidants, it is a pain reliever. Boswellia serrata, a herb containing chemical substances, helps combat the inflammation. It is an excellent herb to fight against joint pain and also enhances blood circulation.
Devil's claw is another herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It works miraculously in curing an inflamed bursa. It comes in tablet form and can be taken in dosage of 1000 milligram 3 times in a day. However, it might be advisable to consult your doctor before consuming it.
Ginger tea, when prepared with honey, provides you with great relief from pain. You can also drink burdock tea, which works as a painkiller to reduce joint pain. It also helps in proper functioning of the liver, thereby, minimizing the effects of body toxins.
Apart from the above remedies, taking oral medicines, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, help control inflammation of the bursa. In case, you are under some other medications, consult your doctor before taking these strong painkillers.
There are certain preventive measures that can help you protect yourself from this disease. It would be best not to consume acidic foods, as they contain high amount of starch and acid. They have a tendency to promote inflammation. Try to stretch your infected joint slowly during bedtime in order to avoid stiffness. In case, you are following a drug therapy, then consult your doctor before trying any of these natural remedies.