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Burning Gums

Pragya T
Gums support and hold your teeth. Unhealthy gums means weak foundation for your teeth. Burning of gums is caused due to bacterial infection. To maintain this foundation, you need to get rid of this infection.
Burning gums is not a major health concern. But if unattended, it can lead to more inflammation and infection in the mouth, and thus, severe discomfort to a person. Also, it is among the irritating symptoms of a periodontal disease, and it gets worse while eating food. This annoying condition, can interfere with a persons sleep, and thus needs to be treated. Here, are the causes of this condition along with some remedies.
Listed below are the common causes, which lead to painful and burning gum infection symptoms:
  • Trauma or gum injury is a common cause for this condition. If a person had a cut on the gums, on which hot or spicy food was eaten, it can lead to this condition
  • Mouth sores or fever blisters can cause burning sensation of gums
  • Chemical burns due to placing medicine like aspirin, on a gum area can cause gum burning sensation
  • A person gets inflammation of gums in gum disease
  • A person can also get burning sensation of gums due to gingivitis, wherein the gums become red and swollen and bleed often

Here, are some home remedies to relieve you from the burning and painful sensation of gums:
Cleaning Mouth: Brush your mouth and the affected gum area gently with a soft toothbrush for dental care. This will remove the bacteria, and can relieve a person from pain temporarily and quickly. Along with this, you can floss your teeth, and use diluted mouthwash. If the mouthwash on first use causes further pain or inflammation, then immediately stop using it.
Mouth Rinsing: Salt water helps combat bacterial infections of the mouth and helps to maintain dental health. In a glass of lukewarm water, add 1 teaspoon of common table salt, and swish your mouth slowly and completely. This will provide relief from the burning sensation, and help to drain out abscess if any.
Using an Analgesic: You can get an over-the-counter medicine which reduces pain and inflammation. Taking a painkiller will not only relieve you from pain and inflammation, but also relieve you from fever due to the gum condition. It is important that you don't put the pill directly on the affected area, as it can further aggravate the condition.
Ice Compress: Wrap ice in a cloth, and apply the ice pack onto the cheek side, which has the burning gum. This will reduce the swelling and works great as a local anesthetic, and soothe the burning of gums.
Numbing Ointments: There are over-the-counter ointments or gels which you can use for numbing the pain. Buy one such ointment, and apply it gently on the affected area and within minutes, it will numb the pain and provide relief. This remedy works great in minor cases of burns, cuts or ulceration, and cases of major gum infections.
Moistening the Mouth: If you have a dry mouth, and are experiencing gum irritation due to it, then try moistening your mouth. Suck on some ice chips, or a lemon drop to treat the gum irritation.
Other Tips: Follow a healthy and balanced diet. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and reduce the amount of carbohydrates. If you have any vitamin deficiency then consider supplements. Also, avoid using tobacco. Always use a soft-bristled brush and replace it every two months.
Brush your teeth twice a day, or after every meal, if possible. To soothe the sore gums, you can use an oral irrigation device on low setting to massage your gums. Sometimes, medication can cause burning or bleeding gums. In such a case, consult your doctor and get your medication changed.
It is time to see a doctor, in the following cases:
  • If you are experiencing symptoms like high fever, extreme swelling, and trouble chewing food
  • If you are experiencing gum infection along with throat or other infection
  • If the burning of gums, greatly trouble while sleeping
  • If the burning sensation worsens and persists
This was about burning sensation of gums causes and some home remedies to relieve the pain and irritation. However, if the condition becomes worse and persists, immediately seek medical care as the gum condition can lead to serious health complications.