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Bloated Face

Rujuta Borkar
A bloated face not only causes embarrassment to the bearer, but could also be an indication of something seriously wrong. Read theĀ given story and find out what leads to this condition and what are its cures.
Paula woke up on Saturday morning and stretched herself. She loved Saturdays! The no school - no stress day; simply lazing around eating and munching, watching TV and going to the mall. Yes sir, she loved her Saturdays a lot. Especially if there were parties marked at the end of them.
So this Saturday morning, Paula got herself off from her bed and walked over to the bathroom. Absently she picked up the toothbrush from the holder and applied paste on it. Then with thoughts of tonight's party at Ralph's, she looked up at the mirror and gave a horrid scream!
The toothbrush fell and the glass almost shattered. What she saw in the mirror was a bloated face. Almost unrecognizable, and very, very puffy. Then a string of expletives, laments and blasphemy followed. 'Why God, Why?! Why today? Why now? Why the bloated face!'
Ever been there? Ever had to go through a similar trauma like Paula had to go through? I bet many of you have woken up, looked in the mirror, and have been greeted with a bloated face in the morning. But you probably ignored it and went back to the day. Do you know how this phenomenon comes about, why it happens and what it means? Let's find out:


The face is an indication of your health, and a face that is bloated is a sign that there is something wrong with the body's system. There are several reasons which could lead to this condition. Let us see what these are.

Facial Edema

Many times there is water retention in the body which leads to the facing bloating up. This could be caused due to an allergy to a medicine (birth control pills), or a particular food product (fats). There are instances of a this condition coming about due to a sunburn as well. Other than that it may be caused due to a disorder or trauma, or even an allergy.

Carbohydrates Intake

Indulging in fatty foods at a party or having unhealthy eating habits which include a lot of carbs can cause for this condition to come through. Carbs will also lead to water retention, thus adding more reason for the face to bloat. Including salts in your diet will also bring about the same effect.


When the body is dehydrated, the brain receives a signal that it needs to retain fluids in order to compensate for the lack of fluids in the body. Therefore the blood vessels engorge and in that manner the body ends up retaining more fluid. Which then leads to a bloating in the face. It is also a fact that alcohol consumption will also lead to dehydration and therefore cause facial bloating.

Insufficient Nutrition

Sometimes the lack of proper nutrition will lead to bloating in the face. A diet that is low in vitamin C or beta-carotene and one that is high in fats will cause the body to go into a water retention mode to stock up on the energy.


This is one of those reasons that do not 'gain up' on you. (Unless, of course you are blissfully unaware of your weight issues) Being overweight will have a direct effect on your entire body, such that it will lead to a bloating in the face as well.


Now that you know what leads to this condition, let us give you some solutions on how to get rid of this problem.
  • Find the cause of this condition. That will help you to deal with it better.
  • Drink water the minute you see a puffy face. If it is dehydration that is causing the same, the intake of water will help instantly.
  • Eat a diet that is high in vitamin C. The lack of vitamin C and beta-carotene will cause the body to retain the water.
  • Lessen the intake of stimulants and beverages like tea, coffee and the like. This will help in getting rid of the excess water.
  • If you were at a party where you indulged in rich, fatty, processed foods and alcohol then you know that the reason was due to water retention. So the next time, try to avoid the intake of these.
  • Use an ice pack on the face. Ice wrapped in a cloth will immediately reduce the swelling.
  • Use hot tea bags for a hot compress and put it on the face. Tea is known to have antioxidants which work wonders with the swelling and help the bloating to reduce and come back to its normal shape and size. Make sure you don't use them when they are too hot.
  • Use food products like potatoes and cucumbers which have natural astringents and anti-inflammatory properties. Mash these with a little milk and honey and apply to the face. Wash after 15 minutes.
  • Take medication if the condition has come about as a result of an allergic reaction to bug bites.
A bloated face will usually not come about if you maintain a balanced lifestyle and a healthy diet. But if it does happen, then the methods mentioned should help you get rid of the bloating. If however, the problem persists, then it is always advisable that you contact a doctor, since it could be an indication of a severe disorder.