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Black Cumin Seed Oil

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Oil derived from black cumin seeds is popularly used in cooking as well as in herbal remedies. Possessing antibacterial, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, black cumin seed oil is potent for treating external and internal health problems.
Black cumin seeds, also known as kalonji, blackseed and black caraway, are used medicinally since ancient times. In cooking, they are added as a whole for flavoring dishes. These seeds are borne on the annual flowering plant Nigella sativa, which is indigenous to various parts of Asia. Just like the seeds, black cumin seed oil or black seed oil is highly prized for culinary and therapeutic applications. This light brown colored oil tastes slight bitter and has a mildly pungent aroma.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Properties

Despite the citations of black seed benefits in earlier records, they remain unproven for several years. Recently, several studies have been conducted to find out the properties of black cumin seed oil. The results state that it possesses carminative, antibacterial, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.
Containing more than one hundred compounds, the active components isolated from black cumin seeds are nigellone, nigilline, tannins, sterol, beta-sitosterol, damascene and antioxidants amongst others. Nutrition wise, oil derived from black cumin seeds contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Benefits

The therapeutic properties and nutrition content of black seed oil are self-explanatory for its innumerable uses. In Arab, black cumin seed is known as seed of blessing (Habbatul barakah). Benefits of black cumin seed oil for skin are really impressive. It works great for combating various skin problems, including burns, acne outbreaks and aging lines. Other than skin diseases, this aromatic oil is effective for addressing several ailments.
Purported health benefits of black seed oil are highlighted below.
  • The carminative action of black cumin seed oil makes it an excellent remedial oil for reducing gassiness and bloating discomfort. In fact, adding nigella seeds in cooking is a simple way to combat indigestion and excess gas formation.
  • Nigellone (an active ingredient) present in this seed oil provides a calming effect to patients having bronchial spasms. It clears and opens up the breathing pathways, thus helping asthmatic patients in easy breathing.
  • Pure oil extracted from the black cumin seeds is added in routine hair and nail care regimen. It is the vitamins present in this oil, which help improve hair texture and strengthen hair in the natural way. Same improvements are observed in nail health.
  • For using in skin, hair and nails, it can be directly applied two times daily. Or else, add it in herbal beauty products like creams, lotion, liquid soap, conditioner and hair oil for easy usage.
  • Oil based on black seeds is used as an effectual remedy for intestinal infections, including parasitic worms that feed on the intestinal contents. This black seed oil is also applied topically to treat skin infections and their symptoms.
  • As aforementioned, black cumin seed oil serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. The rich antioxidant content aids in curbing rheumatoid arthritis pain and painful hemorrhoids. Its antihistamine property works wonders in addressing allergic reactions.
  • Previously, this dark oil was used to combat tissue inflammation and tumor growth in liver and various other parts of the body. Researches focusing on the anti-tumor action of black seed oil are conducted in laboratory animals, and the results are impressive.
  • Using black seed oil in food preparation is touted as a good approach to control blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, there is lack of clinical evidence to support the benefits of this seed oil in regulating blood glucose.
  • Other claimed benefits of black seed oil are reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and treating heart problems. It is given for addressing opioid dependence, lead poisoning, cadmium poisoning and other heavy metal toxicity cases.
If you are impressed with the medicinal uses of black seed oil and would like to use it, purchase pure oil from a trustworthy vendor. You can look for organic black cumin seed oil that is prepared from pesticide free seeds. As for using cumin seed oil capsules, stringent care has to be taken in deciding dosage intake. Since the oil contains strong active ingredients, ingesting capsules in high dose causes adverse effects, similar to toxicity symptoms.