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Black Cherry Juice for Arthritis

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Taking black cherry juice for arthritis treatment has shown effective results amongst patients without any side effects. The suggested amount of black cherry juice for relieving arthritis pain and reducing joint swelling is 8 ounces juice per day.
When it comes to therapeutic intervention for arthritis treatment, the traditional option is administering anti-inflammatory medications and drugs to alleviate pain symptoms. They are associated with adverse effects, which may range from mild discomfort to severe symptoms.
Any natural approach that gives similar benefits with lesser negative effects is always welcome in medical science. One such alternative is using black cherry juice, its extract or other product forms for arthritis treatment.

Health Benefits of Black Cherry Juice

The highly pigmented black cherry fruit is small in size (⅓ inch in diameter) and tastes delicious. This dark skinned cherry is not only used in culinary applications, but it also holds a special place in alternative treatment.
Curative properties of black cherry juice can be attributed to presence of antioxidants (at least 15 types), vitamins and trace minerals. But, what is black cherry juice good for? Well, it is a touted remedy for alleviating headache, arthritis pain, gout attacks and muscle soreness.
In the same way, juice of tart cherry and red cherry is effective to alleviate inflammatory conditions. Read more on health benefits of black cherry juice.

Black Cherry Juice for Arthritic Patients

The anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid) extracted from dark cherry fruits are strong antioxidants, which inhibit certain enzyme activities and counteract inflammatory responses of the body.
The same chemical is the active component used in many of the anti-inflammatory prescription drugs (e.g., aspirin). Thus, taking dark cherry juice for arthritis is equally beneficial like popping an aspirin tablet, but without any dangers.
As per reports from the National Institute of Health, using black cherry juice in patients with arthritis is effective to relieve pain and minimize inflammation. In a case study, sufficient amount of black cherry juice (two glasses of dilute cherry juice) were given to arthritis patients on a daily basis. Majority of the participants experienced reduction in the joint pain intensity and swelling after a few weeks of regular usage.
Unadulterated juice extracted from black cherry is effective for lowering the concentration of uric acid in the bloodstream. As we all know, joint inflammation in gouty arthritis patients is brought about by accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.
With regular drinking of black cherry juice, the level of uric acid is reduced and patients get relief from pain and inflammation symptoms.

How to Use Black Cherry Juice for Patients with Arthritis?

Similar to any other therapeutic formulation, using pure products and adopting correct tips of using dark cherry juice for arthritis treatment are the thumb rules to get satisfactory results. Making homemade black cherry juice from fresh fruits is the best way to enjoy active components in their natural forms.
However, this is not always possible, as these cherry varieties are available in specific seasons. So, one can purchase packaged juice of a reliable brand from health food centers.
While selecting black cherry juice for arthritis patients, care has to be taken that the product is purely organic. Do not buy products, that are labeled as black cherry drinks. They contain flavoring ingredients and other fruit juices, and are nutritionally inferior to pure cherry juice. Make one glass of drink by combining 4 ounces each of cherry juice and potable water. Taking this fruity drink two times daily works great in relieving arthritis pain symptoms in the natural way.
This way, black cherry juice is beneficial for addressing arthritis and similar inflammatory diseases. The best part is, it does not cause stomach discomfort, which is the most common complaint with arthritis treatment medications.
In case of non availability, one can use black cherry extract for arthritis symptoms. This product is available in two forms, one is a tablet that contains extract in concentrated amounts and the second is juice with less percentage of extract. Both products should be taken in regulated dosage, preferably under medical supervision.