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Best Toenail Fungus Treatment

Regular application of essential oils such as tea tree oil or lemongrass oil and use of right OTC antifungal agents such as Zetaclear is effective to get rid of toenail fungus.
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The medical term used to describe toenail fungus is onychomycosis, which is nothing but the fungal infection of dermatophytes that strike the toenail. The infected nail becomes brittle, loses its natural shine and appears yellow or dark in color. Timely treatment for nail fungus is necessary, ignorance of which can lead to irreparable damage to the affected toenail.

Treatment Over the Counter


Zetaclear nail solution is made up of natural ingredients that have been used for years for proper skin care. Zetaclear contains almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil that are proven remedies to enhance the beauty of the skin. In order to restore the healthy look of the nails, using Zetaclear is definitely a good option.
The 100% natural ingredient formula travels all the way down to the nail bed to kill the fungus. Besides applying the solution, one may have to use Zetaclear homeopathic spray to promote quick healing of the toenail fungus. Oral administration of spray helps to combat the infection from inside.

Nail Rx

Nail RX contains natural ingredients that are well-known for their antifungal properties. The aromatherapy oils such as clove oil, lemongrass, lavender and tea tree oil found in Nail RX contain antifungal compounds and so application of Nail RX works to cure the infection. Smooth healthy strong nails free from fungus is certainly guaranteed with regular application of Nail-Rx.

AntiFungal Liquid by Alva-Amco

This product is a combination of vitamin E, Aloe vera and undecylenic acid (FDA approved antifungal agent obtained from castor oil). Upon application, the antifungal liquid immediately relieves the itchy sensation and ensures that the infection does not last for more than a few days. The product comes along with a brush, so applying it is very convenient.

Natural Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

Antifungal activity of tea tree oil has been successful in eliminating toenail fungus. Make sure to buy 100% pure tea tree oil and then apply it on the infected toenail. Even the most resistant and persistent fungal infection will disappear with regular usage of this natural fungicide.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil is effective to kill a wide range of microbes including the fungus. Prepare a solution by mixing 6-7 drops of lemongrass essential oil with an ounce of olive oil. Now, with the help of a cotton ball, apply the mixture on the nails. Allow the nails to soak the oil for faster healing.

White Vinegar

Fungus overgrowth is observed in an alkaline environment, wherein the skin pH increases beyond its normal limit. Thus, higher the pH value of the skin, more will be its chances of getting infected with bacteria and fungus. As white vinegar promotes an acidic environment, its application can play a critical role in killing the fungus.
Thus, keeping the toenail immersed for at least half an hour in a solution that contains white vinegar and water in equal parts works to destroy the fungus.

Oil of Oregano

Another way to combat toenail fungus infection involves application of oil of oregano. The compounds in oregano oil show excellent antifungal properties and hence applying it twice daily is enough to restore healthy, pinkish toenails.

Ways to Speed Up Healing of Toenail Fungus

People with infected toe nails need to keep in mind that a healthy diet is also important to remove toenail fungus at the earliest. Eating foods high in sugar promotes fungus overgrowth. In fact, the aforementioned remedies might be ineffective if sugary foods are not discarded from the diet.
As the affected toenail becomes thick and large, choosing shoes with a wide toe-box is recommended. Also, wearing nylon socks can irritate the infected site and so it is advised to wear cotton socks.
The habit of applying nail polish has to be stopped temporarily, as it does not allow the topical medicine to penetrate deep into the nail bed. Keeping the infected toenail fungus dry is also important, as the fungus grows in a moist environment.
Yellowish, brittle toenails can be a thing of the past, provided the right antifungal treatment is used to tackle the infection. Besides, applying the right antifungal lotion, one should also eat skin-friendly foods to speed up healing.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.