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Benefits of Wearing Opal Rings

Emil Sipos
Opal is considered to be an emotional gemstone that reflects the mood of a person wearing it. Emotional healing intensifies encouraging freedom and independence of the person wearing opal rings. It will bring into your life loyalty, friendship, purity, luck, faithfulness, and love.

Meaning and Uses

Opal is considered as one of the most eye-pleasing stones that brings persons traits and characteristics out to the world.
Just like this stone reflects the light, it reflects persons feeling and thoughts, deep desires and emotions. It will help you understand your negative traits and assist you in fixing your problems and issues.
Opal is considered as a stone that will help you calm your emotions, ease stress and depression encouraging you to think deeper. Your restless thoughts will be kept on the bay.
This stone will center your mind and help with nightmares. As one of the best stones of protection, it will keep away all negative thoughts and energies.

A Seductive Gemstone

Since ancient times, Opal is associated with passion and love, deep desire and erotic feelings. It was often used to intensify feelings and center the thoughts. Considering its amplification capabilities, all the feelings you feel for a significant one will be amplified and deeper.

Physical Healing

For centuries Opal is considered as a beneficial gemstone for the eyes, skin, hair, nails and is often used for healing eye related disorders. It is also beneficial for balancing water content within the body helping with dehydration and water retention.

Emotional Healing

Wearing an opal rings will help to heal your emotional body. It will help you understand the true self. All your deepest thoughts and feelings will come to surface helping you understand yourself. This stone will help you be more positive, creative, loving, and in control of your feelings.

Opal and Spiritual Energy

Opal is one of the most amazing stones for bringing spiritual light into persons life and aura. This gemstone will help you awaken mystical qualities of yourself and raise your consciousness, intuition and help with vision.