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Benefits of Shankhapushpi

Nilesh Parekh
A gift of Mother Nature, few herbs possess unique properties that are beneficial for humans. This story describes one such herb: Shankhapushpi, also known as Convolvulus pluricaulis or Bindweed/aloeweed.
Before reading further, readers of all the articles related to herbs should remember that these articles are written to discuss the benefits of the herbs from India, which are tried and trusted for over thousands of years. It is very important to understand that every medicine has its good as well as bad effects.
Although herbs have never caused any side effects in any person using them, people should consider the chemical reaction of other medicines with herbs if they are taking any.
As we take care of our physical health, it is also very important to take care of our mental health. To keep ourselves mentally fit and fine, we need to use ingredients, which are without any side effects and are natural such as shankhapushpi, jatamansi, brahmi etc.
Shankhapushpi is used to treat various disorders related to nervous weakness, problems like insomnia, mental as well as physical fatigue, loss of memory etc. Primarily it is used as a brain tonic. It is one of the best and prominent natural medicines which helps in improving memory.
In India, since ancient times people of all age groups (especially students, teachers, philosophers, etc.) have used shankhapushpi. It works as a stimulant for the brain in a way to improve its capacity, ability etc.
Natural chemical composition in it helps the brain to calm down and relieve tension, which is why it is also used as a tranquilizer for those who suffer from insomnia. Shankhapushpi is one of the most important ingredients in treating disorders/syndromes such as hypertension, hypotension, anxiety neurosis, various types of stress etc.
The whole plant of shankhapushpi is used in medical treatment. Various chemical compositions such as glucose, sucrose, glycosides, alkaloids and various acids etc. are found in the plant which are abstracted and used in medication. Being natural, they give the best result.
It contains some chemicals which work best against ulcers that are formed as an effect of augmentation of the mucosal defensive factors like glycoproteins and mucin secretion. According to a pharmaceutical study Shankhapushpi acts strongly on some of the liver enzymes and helps in improving symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
Besides the use of shankhapushpi as a brain tonic and a memory stimulant, it is also used as a tonic for those who want to achieve a healthy body. As it contains natural stimulants/chemical compositions, it helps our body in controlling various factors which cause wear and tear of our body and weight loss.
It helps in treatment of bowel complaints such as dysentery. A chemical composition containing Ethanol formula, which is extracted from the plant helps in reducing cholesterol, phospholipids and some types of fatty acids in our body which are considered harmful.
Disclaimer: Do not use the described herbs without proper guidance from your physician. Also, don't forget to mention about any other medication that you might be on.