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Birthstone Color for August

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Peridot, birthstone for August, ranges between a lovely light yellowish-green to intense bright green. Sardonyx too is an August birthstone. If you believe in gemology, speak to an expert before wearing one, as it is believed that gems can affect negatively if they don't suit.
According to different beliefs and the region that one stays in, there are multiple gemstones that correspond with the month of August. The gemstone which is widely believed to be associated with the month of August though, is the peridot.
CrystalBenefits takes you on a trip to learn more about this gorgeous birthstone by studying its color, meaning, and the various associated myths.


It is believed that peridot was discovered many years ago on the Hawaiian islands and its formation was due to volcanic activity. The natives thought these stones indicated the tears shed by the volcanic goddess, Pele.
The color fosters the belief that the stone has a connection with nature. This is the reason why ancient Egyptians drank soma, a beverage, in cups made of peridot. They believed this brought them closer to the goddess of nature, Iris.
Ancient Egyptians also referred to the stone as the 'gem of the sun', due to its color that truly dazzled. The Arabic word for the gemstone is 'faridat' which means 'gem'. It appears in the Bible in Hebrew as 'pitdah'. It is said that this was the favorite gem of Cleopatra.
Miners used it to mark their last location at night, as the gem glowed in the dark. They would then come back in the morning to retrieve the stone. This is why the stone is often known as the 'evening emerald'.
The color of peridot gemstone is described as light sea green with a tinge of yellow. People often mistake peridot for zircon, apatite, and emeralds, although these stones lack the yellow hint that the actual stone has.
The stone is also known by the names olivine and chrysolite. While the former is a mineral name, the latter is an ancient name. It is said that olivine (peridot) protects its wearer from evil and when set in gold, protects one from night terrors. It was grounded into a powder as a remedy for asthma and a cure for fever.


The color green of peridot is a symbol of nature, and also of renewal of life. It is often also considered a symbol of success and dignity. It protects its wearer from negativity, reduces stress, and induces relaxation. Peridot is also an appropriate gift for someone celebrating their 16th marriage anniversary.

Sardonyx: Traditional birthstone of August

Sardonyx is the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of August.
This stone is translucent, and has alternating bands of brownish red and white which run parallel to each other. A symbol of happiness in a relationship, it is believed that as a stone it can impart courage and bring success and good luck to an individual.