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Aromatherapy Recipes to Relieve Stress

Dhanya Joy
Following certain aromatherapy recipes can certainly provide relief from the symptoms related to stress and tension. It has a calming effect on the senses, and works by relaxing the muscles.
Stress is considered a major factor in the development of various diseases, both physical as well as mental. Many people today are looking for ways to relieve stress by indulging in various stress relief techniques. One such popular and effective method that is being used is aromatherapy, which uses essential oil blends to relieve stress.

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Initially, it was available only in spas and a few beauty salons, but now one can easily try certain recipes to make these oils at home. It helps get rid of the various ill-effects associated with stress. The oils are easily available nowadays, and the essential oil blends can also be prepared at home.


The essential oil recipes are easy to follow, as one has to only blend the oils together in the right proportion. These oils can be used for a massage, bath, candle-making, or for soaking purposes. These essential oils have a good shelf-life, so one need not worry about stocking them.

Bath Recipes

Bath Recipes #1

• 3 drops of eucalyptus
• 2 drops of mint
• 3 drops of clary sage essential oil
Bath Recipes #2

• 2 drops of bergamot
• 2 drops of orange
• 2 drops of geranium
• 2 drops of melissa

Pour each of these essential oils into a bathtub full of hot water, and mix it well. Soak in it for an hour prior to bathing.

Foot Soak Recipes

Foot Soak Recipes #1

• 4 drops of ginger
• 2 drops of bay leaf
• 2 drops of tea tree

Foot Soak Recipes #2

• 3 drops of lavender
• 3 drops of tangerine
• 3 drops of marjoram
• 1 drop of chamomile

Pour each of these essential oils individually into a small tub of warm water and mix it well. Soak your feet in it for around twenty minutes, and massage them with some lavender oil, and wear warm woolen socks.

Head Massage

• 3 drops of lemon
• 6 drops of eucalyptus
• 6 drops of lavender essential oil
• 60ml of grape seed oil
For a soothing head massage, mix together the essential oils and warm the blend slightly. Apply a generous amount of this blend to your forehead, hair, and scalp and massage in gentle circular motions with your fingertips. Leave it overnight, and wash it off the next morning.

Back Massage

• 2 drops of eucalyptus oil
• 2 drops of lavender oil
• 1 drop lemon oil in 20 ml almond oil
Blend the oils together in a plastic bowl and apply it to your back, massaging it gently. In case of severe back problems, one can also warm up the blend and leave it overnight. However, it is best to get your back massaged by someone else.

Acne Treatment

• 1 oz. of jojoba oil
• 2 drops of bergamot oil
• 10 drops of lavender oil
• 7 drops of tea tree oil
• 1 drop of geranium oil

Mix all the oils and store it in a bottle. Before application, shake the bottle well and apply it on the affected areas like the face, neck, back, etc. Leave it on for an hour, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
There are numerous other recipes available for stress relief. One can also use some aromatic candles for stress relief. The aforementioned blends can also be used in burners and diffusers. In case of any confusion, consult an aromatherapy practitioner.