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Benefits of Aromatherapy Candles

Priya Johnson
The benefits of aromatherapy candles depend upon the type and quality of essential oil infused in them. These candles help alleviate different health issues, like sinus infections, cold, nausea, etc., and also reduce stress.
The fragrance pervading through the entire room from an aromatic candle is simply soothing. Aromatherapy candles are regular candles infused with natural essences tapped from plants. As awareness about its benefits is rising, more and more people are buying these candles and lighting them in their houses. So what's so special about them? Let's find out.
These candles are based on the principle of aromatherapy, wherein liquids from special plants, also known as essential oils, are selected and carefully extracted by distillation and used to bring about soothing and healing effects.
Aromatherapy is used to enhance a person's mood and improve health conditions. People interested in tapping the benefits of aromatherapy go in for massages, direct inhalation methods, and topical application of essential oils.
These days, sales of aromatherapy candles are also surging because of their convenience and versatility. With these candles, one need not specially set aside time to get the massage done to enjoy the benefits, but can light these candles on an evening after a stressful day at work.


Aromatherapy candles when lit, release a faint yet continuous, stream of vapors of floral and herbal essential oils into the air. When a person inhales the vapors, the oil molecules enter the respiratory system and ultimately reach the bloodstream, thereby preventing and treating certain illness in the body.
The oil released has chemical properties that help one to relax, thereby reducing stress. Several people look at these candles as an alternative form of medicine. The fragrances released by these candles can affect a person's psychological and physical state.
Since the candles are available with a variety of different essential oils, with each oil having its own health benefits, the effect achieved from each candle varies. Here is a list of the various oils used in aromatherapy candles.


Essential oils extracted from basil are believed to improve a person's concentration levels.


Essential oils from lavender are believed to help a person cope with fatigue and depression. Moreover, they have a calming effect. Thus, people stressed by work can use these candles for relaxation. They even help treat headaches.


This oil is used by people to relieve cold, sinus infections or allergies. Hence it is used as a decongestant. Its fragrance is believed to be energizing.


Candles infused with citronella essential oils are helpful in keeping insects and other unwanted eight-legged creatures at bay. Thus, these candles can be used when guests are to be entertained outdoors.


Essential oils from the chamomile plant helps soothe and relax a person. For a good night's sleep, and to reduce restlessness, candles infused with German chamomile oil are used.

Tea tree oil

People infected with a cold can opt for aromatherapy candles scented with tea tree oil.


Oils extracted from jasmine are used as a relaxant and antidepressant.


These essential oils alleviate depression.


Clove oil has a stimulating effect.


Candles with this oil act as a sedative and aphrodisiac.

Ginger Oil

This oil helps alleviate nausea.
There's myrrh that reduces toothaches, then there's rosemary oil that acts as a mental stimulant and there's cypress oil that alleviates cases of excessive perspiration.
You need to understand that aromatherapy candles are not magic candles and do not provide instant healing. But they can surely have a calming effect on the mind and body and help one relax. Soy aromatherapy candles (made from 100% soy beans), can be opted for. Being completely natural, their popularity is on the rise.
You need to remember that not all candles available in the stores are the same. The quality of essential oils used in the candles determines their therapeutic effects. The region and environment in which the plants are grown influences the quality of essential oils extracted from them, in turn affecting the quality of the candles infused with those oils.
Also, the rarer the plant, the more expensive the candle. Candles with blends of essential oils are also available, thus making it possible for you to enjoy the multiple benefits of aromatherapy candles without having to buy many.
If you're wondering where to get these candles from, then you don't need to look very far. You could buy them from home decor shops, or from stores selling bath and beauty products. You could even buy these candles online. Aromatherapy candles are very good options as gifts.
If you enjoy candle making, add a step of infusing them with a fragrant oil of your choice and your aromatic candles will be ready. These candles benefit one's mind and body by having a soothing effect, and are of help in treating certain ailments.
In a nutshell, aromatherapy candles help invigorate, relax, concentrate, and add an element of calmness to the surroundings.