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Properties of Aragonite

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Aragonite is a carbonate mineral which is used as a charm to correct a lot of mental conflicts and metaphysical energies. Aragonite properties cover a wide range of aspects and healing properties of Aragonite are recognized by various schools of alternative healing.
A carbonate mineral, Aragonite is one of the two common and naturally occurring forms of calcium carbonate crystals. It is created as a result of both biological and physical processes. It was first discovered in 1788 in Molina de Aragon, about 25 km from Aragon, after which it is named.
Later, an Aragonite cave has been located in Slovakia and Aragonite, in stalactite form, has been found in the Carlsbad Caverns in the USA. Aragonite properties can be broadly classified into 2 categories - physical properties and healing properties.

Physical Properties

The most prominent physical property of Aragonite is that it suffers from volatile thermodynamics problems and tend to metamorphose to calcite under standard temperature and pressure in 107 to 108 years. Aragonite occurs in many forms, most naturally in mollusk shells and as calcareous endoskeleton of corals.
The crystal structure of Aragonite differs from calcite due to the phenomenon of twinning, which gives Aragonite crystals a pseudo-hexagonal form. Aragonite may occur as columns or may be fibrous, sometimes taking stalactite forms.
One of the most interesting Aragonite properties is that though it resembles Calcite in chemical composition, the atomic structure of its crystal radically differs from that of calcite. A prominent biological source of Aragonite is a calcium rich secretion produced by oysters, mollusks and various other bivalve fish. 
This protective secretion hardens around any irritant or foreign object that enters their exoskeletons to protect their otherwise tender organs from it. As the Aragonite hardens and crystallizes, it forms a smooth iridescent substance, known as Ammolite. In other words, Ammolite is Aragonite with impurities and is considered valuable as a gemstone.

Healing Properties

Aragonite healing properties can be further classified into physical, metaphysical and crystal healing properties of Aragonite. Before we get to the healing section, let us take a look at the symbolic meaning and significance of Aragonite. This mineral, as a gemstone, stands for patience, reliability and self-confidence.
It is associated with the Zodiac Signs of Capricorn and, sometimes, Aquarius. Aragonite based gemstones come in many different hues like, blue, white, brown, red, yellow, orange, green and pink, and each shade rules a different Chakra.

Physical Healing Properties

As mentioned earlier, different hues of Aragonite cure the ailments of different Chakras:
  • Whites and blues benefit the upper chakras, especially the fifth chakra, sixth and seventh chakras
  • Browns and reds heal disturbances to the first chakra
  • Yellows and oranges take care of the second and third chakras, respectively
  • Green and pink shades of Aragonite ensure the well-being of the heart chakra
Due to its high calcium content, alternative healers use Aragonite to cure bone and teeth problems solve digestive issues. Aragonite is believed to alleviate chills brought on by fever or hypothermia.
It may also be very helpful during a long convalescence, helping the body to recuperate to its healthiest condition. The ancient Egyptians believed it prevented hair loss, wrinkles and bad skin. Hmm ... possibly the reason behind Cleopatra's timeless beauty!

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Aragonite metaphysical properties cover a wide variety of spiritual, and mental disturbances and cures chaotic energies. Aragonite is known to correct distraction by bringing focus and increasing concentration powers.
It helps strengthen decision-making power by soothing out environmental irritations, the same way as it soothes physical irritations to oysters by forming a protective coat around the invading irritants! It helps surmount procrastination.

Crystal Healing Properties

Aragonite crystal properties include the calming energies that help in blocking out mental and spiritual irritants and disturbances. By filtering out chaos and distraction. Aragonite crystals help in smooth meditation and spiritual healing.
Crystal healing using Aragonite crystals, is considered a good way to conduct past life meditations. This is so because Aragonite and Ammolite are both fossilized minerals and fossils, which are remnants of the past, assist in tuning the mental and spiritual vibrations in such a way that a conducive psychological environment is created.
Aragonite has been associated with spiritual healing and well-being since ages and its medicinal properties have also been mentioned in various ancient civilizations.
To this day, Aragonite properties are reckoned with faith and are vouched for by many schools of alternative medicine and healing. Whether in its basic mineral form or in its gemstone form, Aragonite continues to have a prominent place in our lives, both as a charm as well as a jewel.