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Aquamarine Birthstone Facts

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
These aquamarine birthstone facts will take you through the history of this stone's significance, as well as the meaning of this precious gem.
By her who is this month was born
No gem save aquamarines shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.
~ Unknown
Aquamarine; the beautiful pale blue gemstone that captivated the ancient Romans with its beauty and mystical powers.
The name is derived from the Roman words 'Aqua' and 'mare'. These words when translated into English mean 'water' and 'sea'. It was believed by the Romans that an aquamarine was a sacred stone of the god of the sea, Neptune.

Birthstone for March

The second birthstone for March is bloodstone, after aquamarine. The meaning of the bloodstone arises from its appearance―it is green in color and has red spots dotting its surface, resembling specks of blood. It was also used to stop nosebleeds by ancient medicine men, thus the name.
Some say, that a bloodstones were formed after the blood of Christ fell to the earth, solidifying into the precious gem. Aquamarines have always been associated with water. It is therefore known as the birthstone of March, because it symbolizes the Piscean zodiac sign. It is a member of the Beryl family, thus making it a relative of the gemstone, emerald.
Beryls are minerals that crystallize within large igneous rocks. This hard mineral gives the birthstone its strong make. Its color is bluish green, with variations carrying a light sky-blue color. A pure aquamarine is flawless with slight impurity traces. It is abundantly found in Brazil, China, India, Australia, Africa and even the United States.

Age-Old Beliefs

Aquamarine rings are worn by sailors, where they believe it will keep them safe while out on sea. Centuries ago, sailors believed that the birthstone protected them from sea monsters, storms, and other perils related to the sea. It was believed by the Egyptians, Romans, as well as Greeks, that the stone helped invoke the good spirits of the water.
Others claimed that the birthstone contained magical powers―it was used to cure stomach, liver, throat, and jaw problems. It was even said to be a very effective antidote against poison. Fortune tellers used it as a magical mirror, as away to look into the future and make predictions.


The stone is said to be a symbol of faithfulness, courage, and friendship. It is also considered to be a symbol of everlasting youth, knowledge, hope, and health. Aquamarine rings are given as gifts to symbolize security and safety, especially if one wants their relationship to last long through thick and thin.
They say that if your aquamarine shows signs of fading and discoloration, that you should place it under a full moon for an entire night, to help restore its look by renewing its energy reserve.