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Apple Pectin

Aparna Jadhav
Apples contain the highest amount of pectin. Apple pectin has a wide range of application right from foodstuff to cosmetics. Tap through to learn how this pectin play a role in keeping you hail and hearty.
Pectin are complex sugars (heteropolysaccharides) present in the cell walls of plants. It is this pectin that binds the cells together in plants. When fruits ripen, an enzyme, pectinase, breaks down these complex sugars which causes fruits to soften upon ripening.
Then what is the importance of these pectins in our diet, and why apple pectin in particular? Well, as the old saying goes, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away", this is because of the various nutrients present in it, especially pectins.
The pectin content is highest in apples, and it is this pectin that is useful in curing bowel movement disorders and other problems related to digestion.

Apple Pectin Uses

In our daily lives, there is always need for more. We as humans living in the 21st century, are provided with a number of resources and we still have a requirement for some extra useful things. This is exactly what apple pectins do, they are easily available and found in different apples along with being highly resourceful for daily necessities. Apple pectins as mentioned earlier have various applications and uses.
Food and Supplements
Apple pectin is extracted from fruits like fresh apples and others and used as gelling agents for jams and jellies. Apple pectin supplements improve digestion and are used in many vitamin supplements. There are many other benefits of this pectin in medicine and cosmetics which are discussed in the coming up paragraphs, so take a look and learn more about them.
The apple pectin powder is a powder which is water soluble and is readily available in the market. It is also known to maintain the glucose and cholesterol levels of the human body within the normal range and protect it from heart diseases. Apple pectins are also used in treatment of diarrhea.
The high fiber content of these pectins help in alleviating symptoms such as inflammation, and also causes firming of the stool. Apple pectin also has shown to reduce gallstones. It acts as an antioxidant and will therefore scavenge the free radicals which are responsible for various age related diseases.
Apple pectin shampoos and conditioners are very popular in the treatment of dry and colored hair. Apple pectin concentrates act as very effective moisturizing agents and add that glow to them. The fragrance of these pectins make them a popular choice among women.


Various studies have shown that apple pectins, prevent the risk of colon cancer, maintain a healthy heart and keeps a person young. No wonder, it is said to keep the doctor away. Raw apples are the best source of pectin. Apple pectin is an excellent vegan alternative to the commercially used gelatin.

Method of Preparing Apple Pectine

Making this apple pectin is easy. Here is an easy recipe for you.

  • Apples 2lbs (not very ripe)
  • Water 2 cups
Cut the apples into quarters, ( the apples must not be peeled) and place them in a pot with 2 cups of water. Place this pot on simmered heat and stir occasionally. The apples must be soft and well cooked when taken off. Take another container, big enough to hold the water. Tie a cheese cloth on the container and strain the warm solution into the container. Do not press while straining. After straining, cover the container and allow it to set overnight (do not refrigerate).
This was the information about apple pectin and its resources, I am sure you have found out why apples are so healthy and nutritious. So, if you do not like any other fruit, apples will surely give you your daily dose of health.