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Amethyst Meaning

Veethi Telang
After reading the following write-up, you'll be well cognizant of what is amethyst. Meaning and properties of this purple beauty are right in this place...
Amethyst, is the birthstone for February. Here is the metaphysical properties and meaning of amethyst, the entire Brownie points go to the jaw-dropping exquisiteness and splendor of this gemstone. The following cluster of words are a must-read, if you aren't much aware of the amethyst birthstone, and even if you are, this gemstone has left you bemused.

About Amethyst: The Gemstone of Pulchritude

A violet variety of natural quartz, amethyst, is a well-known gemstone. Amethyst derives its name from the Greek, referring to no drunkenness. Well, that's precisely because this gemstone is believed to thwart the alcohol effects. Others also stick to the fact that amethyst, because of its wine-like hue, is referred to as not drunken
This gemstone boasts upon its beauty, and even when compared with other popular and pricey gems, amethyst takes the prize. However, the color of amethyst isn't just restrained to purple. Instead, when heated, amethyst is known to produce shades of purple and yellow too.
In early centuries, amethyst was considered as one of the most precious gemstones, often tagged with precious stones such as diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.
However, post the discovery of this gemstone at an extensive level, amethyst has almost lost its value as a gemstone. There is a lot to be unveiled about the attributes of this gemstone. Check out the next section to know the wizardry of amethyst!

Metaphysical Properties: Brilliance of the Baguette

With a chemical formula SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), amethyst is looked upon as meditative and soothing jewelry. Fostering virtues like calm, balance, peace, and endurance is one of the key directions in which amethyst works.
People who combat tough times while tackling legal and financial issues, this gemstone is recommended for them to wear as it leads to success, and satiation. What's more, amethyst has a strong effect on people who are emotionally distressed, and have experienced huge losses in life.
A promising gemstone, amethyst brings happiness and satisfaction to whoever dons it. Most importantly, amethyst is one of the key gemstones that, when worn, combats tear-jerking addictions and compulsive behavior such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.
On physical obverse, amethyst is conceived as religious jewelry, being a strong healer of headaches, insomnia, diabetes, and arthritis that it is. It also works positively upon fatigue, pregnancy, deficiencies, and other generic health problems. And yes, finally, we have a gemstone that has the power to protect us from thieves and robbers.

Amethyst Colors: The Different Hues of Divination

When one thinks of amethyst, the first hue that crops up in mind is purple. The properties of these gemstones may differ with the color they possess. However, did you know, amethyst, in its purest form is actually colorless? Yes. Amethyst, being a variety of quartz, is characterized by various colors.
There are a few crystals belonging to the clan of quartz, known as prasiolites. A prasiolite stone is generally referred to as Green amethyst, meaning and properties of which are similar to that of the purple amethyst. On the other hand, if at all, a natural amethyst, in color, is slightly towards lavender or lilac, it is referred to as Pink amethyst.
Meaning of this gemstone is often associated with love, harmony and endurance. Lastly, there is Chevron amethyst, meaning a gem that fosters spiritual healing and psychic abilities. What's more, a chevron amethyst repels all kinds of negativity around a person, thereby, deepening the meditative state.
Wow! This one, literally, is a gem of a stone, don't you think? So, now you know quite a bit about the meaning and properties of a real amethyst gemstone. It's always good to know about new things, gemstones, if you have a shopping junkie wife (erm...).
Amethyst is one of the most abundantly found gemstones over the world, and looks drop-dead gorgeous on women, when worn as a finger ring, earrings, or necklace. Try gifting one to your wife, she'll fall for it. Don't tell the price, though!