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Alternative Medicines to Stay Healthy

Mia Morales
If you have an aversion to Western medicine, you may be looking for some alternatives that provide the same benefit, but without the harmful ingredients. Here are a few of the most popular and effective forms of naturopathic medicine.

Herbal Remedies

Herbs can add intense and delicious flavor to many of your dishes, but they also have numerous health benefits. One example is sage, which has been used for hundreds of years for everything from improving memory and brain capacity to reducing the risk of developing dementia.
Peppermint has the effect of helping with digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome, as well as improving nausea by inhaling it or ingesting it in mint form. Ginger is a go-to herb and supplement for people who suffer from nausea issues, and is most popular when consumed in a capsule form for almost immediate relief.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful natural way to combat common health problems. For instance, many essential oils have been shown to improve the digestive system, such as ginger and cardamom, and oils can even help boost your mood and have a positive impact on mental health.
Be sure to choose oils that are high quality and therapeutic grade, always with organic ingredients. Brands like Young Living Essential Oils are some of the best therapeutic oils that are organic and natural.
You can diffuse them in your home, apply them topically with a carrier oil, and even add some types to your food in order to benefit from its flavor and nutritional ingredients.


Reiki has increased in popularity over the past few decades, and it is easy to see why. It is a process of healing naturally through energy, which has Japanese origins. Its main benefits have been shown to be increased mental health, and overall improvement in the mood of patients, as well as their outlook on life.
Reiki promotes relaxation, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia, nausea, headaches. Length of Reiki sessions and materials used in it vary. Most Reiki practitioners use hands, or a combination of hand work and various crystals.


Acupuncture is one of the most well-known methods of alternative medicine, due to its unique course of treatment. It involves placing needles into certain areas that align with parts of your body that feel pain. Most people visit acupuncturist to relieve joint and nerve pain if physical therapy or medications do not work.
However, there are also many studies that have shown acupuncture to have a positive effect on mental health like depression and anxiety. It also is used commonly to ease the symptoms of headaches for migraine, as well as reduce cravings for those addicted to cigarettes.

Massage Therapy

The massage is one of the best and easiest ways to feel better naturally. The most obvious benefit of massage therapy is to decrease muscle tension and pain in problem areas, or parts of the body that are constantly overworked.
Massage has been shown to help people with chronic illnesses sleep better, or those undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. By working on specific areas, such as the neck and the back of the head, you can also drastically reduce symptoms of headaches and migraines as well.
Surprisingly, it can even increase the amount of white blood cells that you have, in turn, protecting your body from disease.
Although alternative medicines are looked down upon by traditional physicians, it is important to see how much they can help with health issues, or prevent new problems from forming. However, taking care of yourself using naturopathic healing methods does not have to be difficult. With these tips, you can find a regimen that works best for you.