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Almond Fragrance Oil

Pragya T
Almond fragrance oil is available in various different varieties. However, you can also make this oil with some simple steps. Let us look at what it is, its uses, benefits and how to make it.
Almond fragrance oil is nothing but almond oil mixed with a fragrant substance. This blend is called almond fragrance oil. Almond makes a great carrier oil. It is a medium-light oil and comes in transparent golden color. Almond oil itself is warm and highly moisturizing.
Pure almond oil without addition of any other oils, chemical or natural substance makes as a great oil which is used for many purposes. Almond blends with many other essential oils and hence it is used to create various fragrance oils.

Uses and Benefits

Almond oil is used for various purposes. But, almond fragrance oil is used only for cosmetic purposes. You can buy various such oils and use them for various purposes. A nice smelling one can be used for moisturizing the skin after shower. You can also apply a pleasing it on the underarms, so it acts a deodorant.
It is produced by mixing another light carrier oil and a fragrance can be used as a lip moisturizer. These were some uses of almond oil. However, there are some special blends which are created using almond oil and other essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.
Many essential oils have analgesic, nervine, and antidepressant properties. These beneficial properties of various essential oil helps to relax and soothe, hence many blended almond fragrance oils are used for aromatherapy purposes.
It is possible to make your own blend at home. Depending upon the essential oil you add to almond oil the fragrance will be created. Also, depending upon the essential oil the property of almond oil will change. To create a leave-in-conditioner using almond oil, simply mix almond oil and rosemary essential oil in a 10:3 proportion.
Mix everything well and apply few drops on your palm and then apply it on the hair. To make a mosquito repellent, mix almond oil and lemongrass essential oil in 10:3 proportion. Apply this oil to your body whenever you are going out.
You can also make a stimulating fragrance almond oil moisturizer. To do this mix sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil in 10:3 proportion. Wipe your body after you are done with the shower and then apply this blend on your full body.
If you wish to make a powerful deodorant then mix almond oil, tea tree oil and orange essential oil in 10:2:1 proportion. Mix everything well, and apply two drops on each underarm twice a day.
You can also make your blend of almond fragrance oil. For this purpose buy few essential oils of your choice and see that they will go well together when mixed. So, choose 3 or more essential oils and then in bowl containing sweet almond oil pour few drops of each oil.
If you feel that the fragrance is not right, then mix few drops of essential oils that you feel will improve the fragrance. This way keep adding essential oils till you feel you have created a great smelling oil. You can use this oil for moisturizing the body or massage.
Almond fragrance oil can be used for various cosmetic purposes or aromatherapy purposes. You can make you blends with the above tips. However, if you lack the time or patience to create one, then you can buy it at a health store or online store.
But, make sure you read the ingredients mentioned on the label properly, to see if the oil contains any artificial fragrances or some essential oils which you are allergic to.