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Acid Reflux Foods that Help

Nicks J
Eating meals rich in alkaline foods is necessary to subside and prevent acid reflux. However, the condition may worsen if fried foods are included in the diet.

Something Important

Avoid heavy meals and spread the daily food intake evenly into 5-6 meals to keep acid reflux at bay.
In acid reflux disease (GERD) the stomach acids move in the backward direction and enters the food pipe, which often leads to chest pain. Damaged sphinchter and unhealthy eating habits are the most common causes of GERD. A home remedy to resolve this issue involves eating foods that alleviate symptoms of acid reflux. Highly acidic foods tend to increase the production of acids in the stomach and so must be avoided.

Acid Reflux Triggers

Fried and fatty foodstuffs, caffeinated beverages (coffee), carbonated drinks (soft drinks and soda water), citrus juices (orange and grapefruit juice) and tomato based products have no place in the diet when it comes to controlling acid reflux. Having alkalizing foods is the key to prevent acidity.

Foods that Tame Acid Reflux


Eating green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and other plant-based foods like carrots, celery, green peas, and baked potato have shown to improve symptoms of acid reflux.


Talking about staple food for people with acid reflux and one simply cannot forget to mention about salad. A fresh green vegetable salad (no tomatoes and onions) is a powerhouse of nutrients but more importantly eating it regularly can prevent GERD flare-ups.


If your acid reflux is pretty bad, have oatmeal cereals during breakfast. Whole grain foods such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread are alkaline forming foods, hence have been an integral part of GERD diet.


Eating fruits like apples and bananas is considered to be a natural remedy to relieve acid reflux problem. This isĀ as both these fruits display antacid properties, so do an excellent job of neutralizing stomach acids. Red apples and bananas come in the list of alkaline forming foods and so the stomach does not have to manufacture much acid to digest them.
Also, the constituents of an apple can help increase the capability of sphincter to work efficiently. In other words, it provides strength to a weak sphincter, thereby improving its functionality. Fruits like figs and watermelon are very alkaline in nature and so are considered to be safe foods to eat with acid reflux.

Green Tea

It is observed that popular beverages like coffee and tea can aggravate acidic reflux symptoms due to their acidic nature. One can always replace these drinks with herbal teas. Those hunting for a natural remedy to relieve acid reflux should drink decaffeinated green tea everyday.


In order to cure the root cause of GERD (damaged sphincter), having few teaspoons of honey everyday is definitely a good option. Honey can assist to correct a sphincter that is not working properly. Just 2-3 teaspoons of honey daily can bring a positive change in GERD patients in a short time. Honey is definitely one of the foods to eat with acid reflux.

Skimmed Milk

Cold skimmed milk taken in moderation can also help to reduce production of stomach acid. This is because skimmed milk is a rich source of calcium, which is a natural antacid. One can also have low-fat or fat-free cheese as they are low acidic dairy products.

Fennel Seeds

In order to get immediate relief from GERD, chewing fennel seeds following a meal is definitely a good option. Anethole, an important compound found in fennel seeds calms down esophageal spasms, a complication associated with GERD. Another way to use these seeds is to soak them in water.
Put a handful of fennel seeds in a glass of water and let them remain overnight. In the morning, filter the solution to remove the fennel seeds and drink it. Instead of fennel seeds, one can add a teaspoon of raw coriander to get the same benefit.

Lean Meat

Although any form of meat is acidic due to its fat content, lean cuts of chicken and lamb are comparatively less acidic. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before adding lean meat into GERD diet.

Mineral Water

Instead of drinking tap water, prefer mineral water as it is one of the most alkaline beverages. Drinking natural mineral water everyday will eventually put an end to GERD problem.


Eating 5-6 almonds daily is an effective way to resolve GERD problem. The best time to have almonds is at breakfast, so as to prevent GERD from occurring throughout the day. However, this home remedy works only when almonds are raw and no preservatives such as salt are added.


Adding high alkaline herbs like ginger into the diet can certainly help to control GERD. Ginger root tea is an excellent alkalizing beverage that can help to subside chest pain and regurgitation associated with GERD. Taking juice extracted from ginger is yet another way of using this herb. So, if you want to get rid of that horrible heartburn, ginger will definitely come to your rescue.