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What is the 2nd Chakra

Debopriya Bose
The 2nd chakra governs creativity and vitality in every individual. It is related with sexual health and helps us connect with our inner desires. This story walks you through the most important aspects of this chakra. Take a look.
The word chakra has been derived from a Sanskrit word, which means the wheel. This wheel refers to the wheel of energy. It has its roots in the Indian Tantra Yoga that includes astronomy, astrology, Kundalini and Hatha yoga, besides chakras. As per the chakra system, channels of energies run through our body. These energies are concentrated in seven centers or the seven major chakras. The 2nd chakra governs our emotions and passion, and is related to our sexual health.
Understanding the Chakras
The origin of the energy centers or chakras can be traced to the "Upanishads", which are important ancient Hindu scriptures. According to the chakra system, our life force or the vital energy (Prana) has thousands of energy channels called nadis. A number of nadis intersect at different locations in the body, each location known as a chakra.
There are seven major chakras in all, starting from the head and ending at the base of the spine. The importance of these chakras lies in the fact that they are the centers of our spiritual energy, which when balanced, ensures physical as well as mental well-being. One of the ways of bringing about this balance is through meditation.
Each chakra has its own character and a particular color of the spectrum associated with it. Each chakra affects certain organs of the body and governs specific aspects of our being. Hence, if the energy flowing through any of these energy channels, gets blocked, it can affect us mentally, psychologically, as well as physically.
The whole system works as a single system. Problem in any one of the centers tends to affect the ability of the other energy centers in processing energy.
The 2nd Chakra
In Sanskrit, the 2nd chakra is known as the Svadhisthana or the 'dwelling place of the self'. It is also known as the sacral chakra and is located a few inches below the navel. Primarily it relates to the needs of the self, like hunger and carnal pleasure. The Svadhisthana is said to be the place of our unconscious desires, specially those related to sex.
Hence, it is believed that it is very difficult to raise the energy of consciousness above this chakra. This energy center stands for creativity and knowledge. It enables us to connect to the inner source of inspiration, and helps realize and give a specific form to our sense of aestheticism. It is also the seat of attention.
With the energies flowing freely through this energy wheel, we are able to realize and absorb the beauty and subtle, but profound aspects of the universe. Hence, the 2nd chakra governs our passion and emotions. Positive aspects of the Svadhisthana of a person, are creativity, vitality, enthusiasm, and a joyous, independent, and friendly disposition.
In case, the channels of energy flowing through this chakra are blocked, it can manifest as fear of pleasure, inability to connect to one's feelings or to that of others, and resistance to change in a person.
Other emotional imbalances due to the effect of this chakra are, an overly emotional person, constant need of pleasure to be stimulated, prone to addictions, being withdrawn, destructive, despondent, and overdependent.
At the physical level, the Svadhisthana is associated with one's reproductive organs, the kidneys, hip, sacrum, lower back, and fluids of the body, like water, blood, tears, and so on.
Hence, a blocked Svadhisthana can cause urinary tract problems, problems related to genitals that affect procreation, lower back problems, Candida and yeast infection, formation of cysts and fibroids in the ovary and uterus, menstrual problems, diseases of the testes and prostate, asthma, allergies, eating disorders, and alcohol and drug abuse.
Quick Facts
  • Element - Water
  • Planet - Moon
  • Stimulants - Hot aromatic baths, water aerobics, and massages
  • Yoga Style - Tantra
The Svadhisthana is also alluded, by the western occultists, to the Sephirah Yesod, which is also associated with the sexual organs. In order to ensure proper working of all the chakras, reiki, color therapy, yoga, positive thinking, and guided visualization are some chakra balancing techniques that are popularly used.